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[ CEATEC ] sharp, VGA liquid crystal, horizontal Linux Zaurus reference exhibition of keyboard loading [ 2002/10/1 ]

Sharp, with the exhibition booth of of sharp of CEATEC 2002, referred exhibited the keyboard on-board horizontal model of Linux Zaurus. Sale day and price and the other specifications et cetera are unclear. It seems that sale within year is planned.

As for the liquid crystal with the sharp make CG silicon liquid crystal, at concert of the liquid crystal of April this year sharp it was notified that this fall it loads in Zaurus of VGA size. As for size of display, 640×480 dot. With the CG silicon liquid crystal resolution it is modification possible, but, with this model, becomes specification only of 640×480 dot. On the frame left side the CF card slot, the SD card slot is equipped in rear of the substance.

In the story of the explanatory member of the exhibition, the Web browser and the music player software are loaded unlike Linux Zaurus front model SL-A300. In addition, you say you use also the PIM software and improve the selfishness.

In the latest exhibition, is the exhibition only 1, but, you say with the WPC Expo which from October 16th is held with Tokyo big sight furthermore mainly it refers exhibits the quantity.

With the photograph size is difficult to know, but, considerably the small frame it is Size of the SD card slot the frame is small, you make understand

The liquid crystal is beautiful very. Letter being a picture and a photograph even in the center, splendid indication it is You make think also reading Web browsing and the book is suitable. The turnstile just of the generally known liquid crystal and being to be possible atmosphere, whether use as a browser it fills up, it knows

As for the keyboard, there are 6 lines. Privately the space bar (the conversion key - it does not like the fact that it is not the lowest step. There is also an application key of the Address, the Calendar, the Mail and the Home. The numeric key seems that is independent. It is the standard QWERTY, ¨ it forces and it is thing. Also the BackSpace key becoming independent, it is There is a CF card slot on the side of the frame. It seems that is the stylus under the left. With respect to the right - earphone jack or

[ Reference ] sharp, Zaurus of resolution above VGA this year after the fall to sale [ 2002/4/24 ]
Http: //www.mobilenews.ne.jp/news/2002/04/24/01sharp.html

* Sharp (it seems that is not information of the product)
Http: //www.sharp.co.jp/

* Zaurus
Http: //ezaurus.com/index.html

Also the fact that Zaurus MI-E1 which builds in the keyboard with vertical type is announced was the CEATEC of 2000 years. Then it has been about furthermore the charm product will appear. It is the presently the PDA itself does not sell excessively but, foreboding of the product which can become the detonating agent does. It is attention. Among the article of the other magazine the statement, ɢɓ is many, is, but, you do not verify with simply impression, but, the air has done whether very it is not demonstration mode of the experimental model. With the notion that where you say, when the writer sees, as the cable has come off, warning that was indicated the battery remaining amount is small. Still, it has the impression such as the frame whose tuning of the battery is sweet, (really how it probably is what don't you think?).

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