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True geeks are not just power users. We are developers. We create things. That's the nature of this site. Geeks unite to write software for the Sharp Zaurus. Let's meet then now.

Team Geek

Darien Kruss, a geek for several decades, has been plinking around on computers since the Apple II. These days his claim to fame is running a well-known Counter-Strike server. It is thru this connection that he met our other geek, who was writing an IRC bot for halflife.

Erik Davidson, who makes his claim to fame with awesome C++ programming on the QT platform as well as excellent PHP/mySQL web applications, has embarked on a perilous journey to code his way toward owning a Zaurus. Let's wish him the best of luck.

What's Here?

Other developers will be interested in projects which are things we're working on, but are not quite finished. Inside applications you will find our released software. And the resources page is a good reference point for learning to develop for Qt.


This partnership was founded on Thursday July 25, 2002 on the #chimayhem IRC channel at gamesnet.

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