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AppletManager is a program that facilitates the enabling/disabling of taskbar applets.

Conceived 6 Sep 2002

A common complaint among Zaurus users is that the taskbar applets (such as the clock, battery indicator, SD card and CF card icons, volume, various network icons) take up too much room, and it becomes difficult to switch among the running applications since their icons can't be displayed.

AppletManager solves this by temporarily hiding the files (by prepending a '.' to their name) that cause the applets to load when qpe/opie startup. It can also re-enable applets (by removing the '.').

Version 1.0 Anticipated Start Anticipated Finish Actual Finish
specifications 6 Sep 2002 06 Sep 2002 06 Sep 2002
What its supposed to do, and how
ui sketches 6 Sep 2002 06 Sep 2002 06 Sep 2002
screen captures with descriptions
code 7 Sep 2002 07 Sep 2002 07 Sep 2002
What goes into the application
beta 7 Sep 2002 07 Sep 2002 07 Sep 2002
(this beta was private)
release 8 Sep 2002 08 Sep 2002 08 Sep 2002
Release notes, help

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