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StatGrapher is an application that records numeric values and stores them in categories. It provides the means to graph the values for a particular category over time, and to export the data to common formats.

Conceived 25 July 2002

User starts applicaton, and can define the following attributes: Category Name, Value Name, High Value, Low Value. Examples follow. Category Name: Weight; Value Name: Pounds; High = 220; Low = 170. Category name: Blood Glucose; Value Name: mg/dl; High = 150; Low = 80. Category name: Golf Score; Value Name: Score; High = 150; Low = 70.

User can define as many categories as they like. Then, they can log values for a category which writes the value and a brief note to an XML file along with the date and time. Then, on demand, the user can request a graph of a particular category for a day, week, month (or date range, perhaps) and get it graphed with indicators showing where the HIGH and LOWs are, according to the category settings.

Also the ability to export category data to a CSV file for sending to a doctor, colleague, friend, etc.

Stage Anticipated Start Anticipated Finish Actual Finish
specifications 26 Jul 2002 28 Jul 2002 28 Jul 2002
What its supposed to do, and how
ui sketches 29 Jul 2002 02 Aug 2002 10 Aug 2002
Includes lots and lots of screen captures
code 03 Aug 2002 18 Aug 2002 21 Aug 2002
What goes into the application
beta 19 Aug 2002 23 Aug 2002 23 Aug 2002
Pre-release software, if available
release 25 Aug 2002 08 Sep 2002  
The final, when available
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