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Currently, the only hardware I have for the Zaurus is a 128 MB SD card I purchased from MemoryPro. It works fine in its native Vfat configuration. I'll probably try formatting it in ext2 one of these days. Still debating.

Screen Protector
Not having had a PDA before, I was leary of spending money on a screen protector. I figured that the devices are designed to be used, and that they will withstand the daily tapping and rubbing that the stylus (or my finger) would dish out. After reading several reviews and horror stories, however, I decided a screen protector was a wise investment.

Which one? There are so many available. But I found the absolute best product (in terms of quality and appearance) at If you read their FAQ page, you'll learn why I chose them. Their G2 material was easy to install, is crystal-clear (no fogginess or halos) and has done a wonderful job, as advertised. After several weeks of heavy use, I can't find the slightest sign of wear. They currently sell in 2-packs for around $14.

I've seen the CF-slot cameras for the Zaurus. Its too pricey right now, but seeing as I don't have a digital camera, its certainly something to keep my eye on.

Wireless Internet
What I _really_ want is for SharpMobile to release its wireless internet offering so I can take my Zaurus on the road and actually make it work for me.

Printing Anyone?
I would be interested in being able to print from my Zaurus. Either through a tcp/ip driver or through the IR port. Any developments here, let me know.

Oct 25: I've been told that some HP printers allow you to 'beam' a plain text document directly to their IR port. I haven't been able to try it myself.

Nov 4: I've been directed to a page that allows the Zaurus to print by running a LPR daemon.

VGA Output from CF (Compact Flash)
Now wouldn't that be something: being able to control a presentation, or a desktop screen with nothing but your handheld. So far the only reference to such a device is the Voyager device for around $150:

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