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This section will hold snippets of things I learn while plinking on my Zaurus, or scanning the community resources. No particular order, just things that are interesting to me.

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April 9, 2003
After collecting dust for nearly five months, I have recharged and reflashed my Zaurus SL5500. The recent release of OpenZaurus 3.2 has generated so much hype that it would be foolish to ignore it. In case you aren't aware, OZ 3.2 is a brand-new construct, not simply a handful of patches to the original Sharp ROM. If you are running any prior version of OZ, or if you are running the stock Sharp ROM, I strongly urge you to (1) backup your files, (2) Flash your Zaurus with OZ 3.2 today.

In order to take full advantage of my Z, and to force myself into a new commitment to the platform, I bought a SanDisk 256Mb CF card. Now I have an incredible amount of space on which to store applications, files, and media.(If you need even more space, I saw a 1Gb CF card going for roughly $800.)

I also, sadly, returned my Sharp Mobile Services modem back to the manufacturer. The product, while enticing, never worked for me. I am currently investigating the Packstream Gold (PC Card)offering for wireless internet by Nextel.(Thanks to TheMasterMind for this info.)

Rumor has it that the Mac OS X beta USB drivers are stable enough for daily use. I'll be putting this to the test over the next few days. As you might recall, I've used my Zaurus exclusively on a Windows XP laptop since I got it, but my regular production machine is a Mac G4.




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