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These are the sites where I hang out to learn more about the Zaurus and the software that's available for it. This is not meant to be a comprehensive list of all Zaurus information on the internet. These are just the places I go.

Official sites

The Official Zaurus Post Sales Site:

The Official Zaurus VAR/SI Site:

This is the Official Sharp Developer Website:

This is the HowTo's page for package feed setup, wireless LAN card info, etc:

Building a custom ROM:

SharpMobile - Wireless offering

Developer sites

OpenZaurus replacement ROM

Sharp developer site

Trolltech -Makers of Qtopia

Developer hangout and forum

Sourceforge Project

Open Palm Integrated Environment (OPIE)

Zaurus Java FAQ

Software/Hardware resources

The Zaurus Software Index (ZSI)

Zarusoft Software Database

The ZaurusZone feed

Handango's linux section

CF/SD Memory Card List


The Unofficial Zaurus FAQ

A page of Zaurus links

Connecting Zaurus to Linux Desktop


Journal  |  Hardware  |  Software  |  Links  |  Dev
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