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Run Mac Software on Your Zaurus

Can you believe it? Here's the proof.

1. I mostly followed the directions found at although some steps I tweaked based on my previous experience with X running on the Zaurus.         
2. This is a basic X Window environment. Nothing fancy, just a console sitting among a sea of grey. I'm starting up the window manager.  

The window manager (wm2 in this case) let's me run applications that require a space on-screen in which to display their graphics, interface, etc. I can run multiple windows at once. This is an xterm window (same as the console, really) but I can drag it around and resize it.

Now I'm running basil, which is the short name of Basilisk, the free Mac emulator.


The Basilisk configuration window (it has 4 more tabs off-screen that you can't see) let's you specify which disks your emulated Mac will have, what your screen size will be, how much memory to allocate, which ROM to use and what processor to emulate.

Then we hit Start.


I couldn't grab the "Welcome to Macintosh" screen, it came and went too fast. In fact, boot time was incredible. Here's the first half of the "About This Macintosh" window, showing that I'm emulating a Mac IIci with 5 MB of RAM and less than 1 MB is being used by the System.


Those were the days.

6. Oh, I'm running System 7.0.1 by the way.  

The screen size I specified was 240x320, same as the Zaurus. But I don't have all my Finder menus. (Special doesn't fit.)

The menus that are here work fine, though the keyboard shortcuts probably don't.

8. Open disks, folders, applications, peek into the trash. It's all there. How cool is that?  




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